Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your waiting list for enrollment?

We maintain a waiting list, but not the numbers of families waiting. It is not an accurate indicator of children actually waiting for placement, as the same child may be on several community center lists.

Am I responsible to pay when the center is closed, or I’m on vacation or my child is sick and not attending?

If you enroll your child you are responsible for tuition regardless of attendance, since our program expenses remain constant.

Can my infant attend a few days a week?

Because infants cannot share cribs enrollment must be for a full week, but you can have your baby attend when convenient. Part-time care may be available for children over 18mos. , but full-time requests have first priority.

How do you clear your staff?

All staff must have fingerprints checked, a criminal review, a current physical and TB test before they can be left alone with your child.

What is the earliest I can drop off my child and latest I can pick up?

Centers are open at 6:45 in the morning. Our preschool center closes at 5:30 and the school-age site closes at 5:45pm.

Do I get a break in tuition for my second child attending the program?

The oldest sibling at the center gets a 20% discount off their full-time enrollment.

Are you open on snow days and holidays?

We are open on snow days if we can get into our buildings and there is no declared state of emergency. We are open many minor holidays.

How can I get a break in my tuition?

Bring in documentation of your wages, like pay stubs, and we will help you fill out a scholarship request.

How do I know when my payment is due?

We do not issue statements unless requested. We ask that you just submit payment each week, with no particular day required.  We will give you a year-end statement for your tax records.

Does my child have to go outside each day?

Unless your doctor directs us otherwise, your child will go outside when it is over 20 degrees, with the windchill considered.

Can I bring food from home if my child doesn’t like your menu?

Yes, with a note from your physician. Our meals are composed of different components and we are sure your child will eat at least part of the meal. Second helpings are available, of course.